[ENG] October Empties! Anti Dandruff & Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

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Last October, I just finished two personal care products - not as much as September Empties, they are shampoo and micellar water. The shampoo still comes from Tresemme, my kind of favorite haircare lately, and micellar water that contains oil-infused from Garnier.

1.      Tresemme – Scalp Care Anti Dandruff & Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Do I always use this shampoo for years? No. Back then, I used to move to another brand that might polish my hair to look silkier but unfortunately, my hair was falling out during using it. So I thought that I need to come back to Tresemme. One thing that I love about this shampoo: my hair still easy to manage even I missed using hair conditioner. No, no, that does not mean I always skip for hair conditioner. Besides, Tresemme – Scalp Care Anti Dandruff & Anti Hair Fall can maintain my scalp health by keeping it away from dandruff and hair fall. However, this shampoo could not overcome hair fall caused by stress. Am I going to repurchase this one again? No. I will not repurchase it because I have already the stock. Hihi.

2.      Garnier – Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

I remember how I got this micellar water for the first time. I was on my way realizing that I forgot to bring my face cleanser, so I came to Indomaret (a kind of mini market in Indonesia) to look for a cleanser in travel packaging. I bought this one because as it is written, it contains oil that may simplify my cleansing routine. Garnier – Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water really got my attention, it has a good impression. It quickly removed make-up from my face and it just left my face clear. Hereinafter, I use this micellar water as my first step cleanser (when I do not use any make-up or just light make-up) or my second step cleanser (after olive oil/cleansing balm if I wear heavy make-up the whole day). Do you know guys if this lovable one has the ability to remove waterproof make-up? You have to try it.

In this Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water, Garnier combines micellar technology (a facial cleansing technology that consists of 90% water, then it formulated with a micellar molecule that has the ability to catch the impurities quickly) with argan oil. Argan oil contains vitamin E in it that is good for skin health such as moisturizing the skin, helping skin regeneration, overcoming acne, and healing wounds.

Does it safe to apply to acne-prone skin? So far it safes, at least in my skin. It does not serve irritation or more acnes.

Now, how about you? What products have you spent last month?