[ENG] Proudly Shout out to Indonesia Local Product: Coffee Face and Body Mask by Bali Alus Traditional Spa to Get Rid of Whiteheads and Pimples

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I started to live my break-out phase circa 2013 that required me to consume skincare products from a dermatologist. Hence, I was afraid to try any drugstore product even only a face mask that has no extreme effect on the skin. Did I enjoy my life without using any face mask at that time? Umm, no, but I had to. So I was really attached to the basic skincare given by the dermatologist such as acne face wash, acne day cream, and acne night cream. I did not even know what ingredients are in the products so I could not try another product from any drugstore. I was too afraid of the ingredients from the dermatologist reacted with them from the drugstore. Something worse might happen. A year later I started using a face mask that I bought from the dermatologist. It was a green tea that is meant for acne healing. I felt okay at that time but I found it difficult to be repurchased since I was living at my college in another city instead of in my hometown (yep, the clinic is in my hometown). Could not I get it online? No, I think the clinic could not serve online purchasing yet.

So here is the story begins. I was trying to look for any drugstore mask that might suitable for my skin concern: acne. I accidentally found Bali Alus seller on Twitter and Instagram so I decided to buy it. Coffee Face and Body Mask is the first product I bought during clinical treatment. I was excited when the package was in my hand. Long story shorted, I use it almost every day because it obviously left a great result on my face.

If you have not known what Bali Alus is, Bali Alus is a personal care brand that is based in Bali, Indonesia. Tho it carries traditional ingredients, Bali Alus has sent its products overseas. Their products encompass all personal care needs from head to toe. Face and body masks are available in many variants such as chocolate, green tea, black tea, and so on. You may pick one based on what your skin needs.

Here is the review.


Bali Alus Traditional Spa Coffee Face and Body Mask is distributed in plastic packaging as in the pic below. For coffee variants, it is labeled in dark brown. On the front side of the pack, it contains the brand (Bali Alus), the product name, the variant, the POM number, and its size: 100gr.

Meanwhile, on the back, we can find the ingredients, the claims, and the way it uses.

Even though the packaging is very handy, it would be better if it is featured with an unlocked zipper to make us easier and make it safer, I mean in order to keep the mask is in packaging, in terms of storage.



It really looks like the coffee ground but it feels a little rough. The roughs can be used as a scrub while the mask is rinsed.


It smells like chocolate rather than coffee.


Bali Alus Traditional Spa Coffee Face and Body Mask helps to neutralize dry skin and keep skin moist.




Coffee Arabica seed extract, Coco Nucifera Oil, Kaolin, Olea Europaea Oil.



Since the main ingredient of this mask is coffee, so I will discuss the benefit of coffee for skin health in deeper. Coffee contains antioxidants, caffeine, and collagen.


Coffee, especially Arabica coffee, contains strong antioxidants that have the ability to repair fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Antioxidants are also needed to prevent free radicals so our skin may look younger. Free radicals can be generated from cigarette smoke and radiation that caused premature skin-aging.


Coffee also consists of caffeine to protect our skin from UV radiation and to delay the skin-aging process.


Such a piece of good news for us who want to look younger and younger every day, coffee can also increase collagen production and blood circulation in our skin.


h    Here, you may follow the steps below.

1. Take the mask as much as you need

2. Mix it with a little water

3. Apply the mask entirely to your face and/or your body

4. Leave the mask for 15-30 minutes

5. Rinse it with cool or warm water

6. Use the mask twice a week for the best result.


I did not have any expectations for this coffee mask, to be honest. I only hoped that this mask did not give any negative result on my break-out face.


So I have been using Bali Alus Traditional Spa Coffee Face and Body Mask for almost 5 years. Wow. I also used this mask before applying for my graduation make-up in January 2017. How this coffee mask works? Here is the review.


I usually use this coffee mask when I forgot or skipped my night skincare routine, so I have to do the extra treatment the next morning such as applying a washed off mask. Or, when there are pimples appear on my skin. Below is my bare face look with pimples are on the left cheek and whiteheads are on the chin.

Before applying the mask, I clean my face with a face wash. Then, I put a toner by wiping it gently over my face.


I mix the ground with enough water as you could see in the pic below. Then, I daub the coffee mask over my face. Fyi, there I sit down beside a fan so the mask is easy to dry hahaha. The dry mask is colored in brown-pastel or it looks like blending to my skin color. Normally (without settling down near a fan), I need to wait for 15-30 minutes until the mask dries and is ready to be washed off.

I feel so much refreshed when the mask is started to apply to my skin. I think my brain enjoys it, too. Lol. Once it is going to dry, it is strongly gripping my skin. I love the sensation, anyway. Probably that is the way it works taking any dirt on my face.

The gripping sensation reminds me of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask. No no, actually Aztec gives multiplies stronger gripping effect than this one.


I rinse the mask off after 10 minutes of usage. It dries faster than it should be because, as I said before, I was sitting down near the fan hahaha. So here is a look after using Bali Alus Traditional Spa Coffee Face and Body Mask. My face looks brighter, the acne on the left cheek is going to be drier, and the whiteheads on the chin has gone.

Well, I have to tell you this interesting one: when I squeeze my nose, the long whiteheads are pushed out on the skin surface. It, again, reminds me of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask that gives a similar effect.

After that, I usually wipe my face with hydrating toner to make sure that my face is clean before applying the next skincare products such as essence, serum, and so on.

A S  A  B O D Y   M A S K   U S E S 

This coffee mask can be also applied to your body. I love to use it as a body scrub when I am too lazy to apply the real body scrub to peel my skin out. Lol.

How to use it as a body treatment?

Well, it is very simple. You just need to pour enough water into the coffee ground. Then, mix it until it is shaped like cookie dough. Apply the mask all over your body. Let it half dry. Rub the scrub gently to your skin. Rinse it off. You will feel your skin softer automatically.

One thing to be highlighted after scrubbing with Bali Alus Traditional Spa Coffee Face and Body Mask is, you cannot leave your bathroom right after rinsing it off with water. What I do next after it is, I washed my skin with a body wash using a shower puff to clean the residue that is remained on my skin. If you do the same thing as I do, you will see that your puff is fulfilled with that brown-residues.

After bathing, the coffee's smell would be stuck on my body for a day. That is a good point. Furthermore, my skin gets smoother so I can easily rub body lotion on my dry skin.


You could get Bali Alus Traditional Spa Coffee Face and Body Mask for only Rp 25.000. Where to buy? You can find it over the online marketplaces such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and so on. If you are living in Kudus, you could find it in Rania store. *not sponsored


Bali Alus Traditional Spa Coffee Face and Body Mask is mainly served for you who is pursuing youthfulness. Moreover, if you need something to brighten and to smoothen skin texture, also help your acne problem, you have to try this one.


Does the real result really walk its claim? According to my experience, yes, it does. It helps to neutralize my dry skin (especially if it is used as a body treatment) and keep my skin moist.

There are pros and cons to this product.


+ Handy packaging

+ Give brightening instant effect

+ Smoothen my skin

+ Help my skin easier to absorb next skincare products

+ My skin looks fresher after using this mask

+ The price is affordable


-   The packaging is not equipped with an unlocked zipped to keep the mask is in the pack

-   It takes time to make the mask ready to use since it is formed in powder so we need to mix it with water first.

Bali Alus Traditional Spa Coffee Face and Body Mask is now easier to find over the online and offline stores at affordable prices. I do recommend this to you who seek for brightening instant effect. 

Facing the first contra that I have mentioned above, I do not assume it as something really bad. It can be solved by wrapping a rubber to the packaging then save it safely. Well, I used Bali Alus Traditional Spa Coffee Face and Body Mask since 2015 when I was in college until now. Do I recommend this mask? Sure. I already repurchased it several times.

Have you tried this coffee mask?


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