[ENG] August Empties: Eau de Toilette, Body Scrub, Face Mask

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Is it too late to post this August’s stuff in this late September? I think so but I need to tell you things I have finished last month. I have 3 empty products, they are body scrub, face mask, and eu de toilette.

1. Eau de Toilette: Scorpio from BRUNBRUN

Packaged in a cute size, Scorpio smells so strong, bitter, and sweet. Does it adapt to Scorpios’ characters who hold their assertive, fierce, bitchy but sweet? Moreover, the scent is quite long-lasting tho it is priced in an affordable way. Well, I wonder why most scents packed in purple smell exotic?

2. Body Scrub: Herborist – Bali Traditional Body Scrub (Rice Variant)

All of Herborist body scrub variants have great formulation since its scrub does not hurt my skin while it is rubbed into. Its flakes are very easy to shed, do not leave redness but softness on my skin. I choose the rice variant because of its therapeutic smell, but well, you do not have to imagine the scent of real rice because it is totally different. This one has a very sweet smell, I do not even suppose that it contains rice as its main ingredient at my first impression. You may find detailed information about this scrub on https://www.radiani-kulsum.com/2020/06/review-herborist-lulur-traditional-bali.html.

3. Face Mask: The Body Shop – Japanese Matcha Tea Deep Cleansing Mask

This is one of those masks with the soft texture of porridge, it gives a cooling sensation on my skin and I love it. Tho it is written as matcha as its main ingredient, I did not get the smell instead of a little. I assume this mask can overcome my acne problem since matcha has taken for an ingredient and “deep cleansing” as its claim, but does it really works? For the acne problem itself, it did not give much progress but I remember that my inflamed pimples had healed right after wearing this mask. At least, my skin did not react negatively after masking with Japanese Matcha Tea Deep Cleansing Mask and my skin was going better after since it cleaned my face without leaving my skin dry. It also soothed my acne-prone skin so my mood rose easily. I have written the full review over here:  https://www.radiani-kulsum.com/2020/04/review-body-shop-japanese-matcha-tea.html.


Those are the three products I have finished last August. How about you?


  1. Wah lulur Herborist juga jadi lulur andalanku nih!

    1. scrubnya gampang banget dirontokin, wanginya juga jadi bikin pengen tidur setelah luluran wkwk.