[ENG] 3 Best Essences that Your Acne-prone Skin Will Love!

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Generally, essences are used every morning and night after applying toner. While toner cleans our skin from face wash residue we used before, essence prepares our skin to absorb the next skincare product maximally. It also has the ability to moisturize, soften, and refresh our skin.

Choosing the right essence (and other skincare products, too) is important for me as I am living with my acne-prone skin, I have to be careful if my face going broken out again. So, since 2017 I have been laying my trust in these 3 brands, they are SKII, Wardah, and Safi. Below are the details of each essence for acne-prone skin.

1. SKII Facial Treatment Essence (FTE)

What comes to your mind every time you hear this essence? Pitera? Or rice water? Well, let us discuss pitera. SKII FTE contains pitera 90% that has the ability to optimize the natural function of our skin, overcoming dull and dry skin concerns, and help our skin to look naturally brighter.

SKII FTE is the first essence I used when I switched from doctor’s skincare to skincare that available on markets 3 years ago. At first, I bought its 30 ml shared in a jar because I was afraid if it did not work well on my skin. I put this essence to 4-5 pieces of cotton then laid it down over my acne to get something magical happened in the morning haha. The next day, I found some of my inflamed acne healed, but some still need two or three more nights to get a better result. I think this FTE is effective to get rid of potential acne and make it disappear right in the morning as I woke up. Other benefits I got from this essence are my skin looks more supple and smooth.

At the end of 2018, I repurchased it in full size because I did really need it to repair my skin problems: acne, fine lines, dullness, and slightly dry skin.


2. Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence


One of Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence’s ingredients is Niacinamide, an essential nutrient that can boost our face looks brighter optimally. Moreover, Niacinamide may heal your pimple without leaving your skin dries. Months after using this essence, I feel my skin feels more elastic, smoother, and very soft. Unfortunately, I did not get the bright effect until I finished this essence, probably at that time I live in a very hot area and I could not adapt to the water there that affects my skin looks dull from time to time. If I use the essence now (I am already home again finally, living comfortably in my hometown), I think I could get my face looks brighter better than I got in the past.


3. Safi Age Defy Gold Water Essence

I do not know why it is already pinned in my brain that gold is never going wrong. Does it related to its value that stable from time to time? Now we turn to talk about how this essence is recommended applied in acne-prone skin. Gold has the ability to help the skin cell regeneration process. When skin regenerates well, so our most skin concerns such as acne, flex, fine lines, will slowly fade and change into new skin cells that are younger and healthier. Moreover, gold content is also supported by silk protein that can accelerate skin metabolism and heal skin damage. Until now, I have been finished 2-3 bottles Safi Age Defy Gold Water Essences. Its sticky formulation could be used as a make-up primer in order to help our make-up on fleek and stay last longer. Further review is already written on https://www.radiani-kulsum.com/2020/05/review-some-by-mi-snail-truecica.html.


Those are 3 essence products I have consumed on my acne-prone skin since 2017. Do you have any other essence references that are safe and good for acne skin? Let me know in the comment below. :)