[ENG] Does Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation Really Stay for 24 Hours? Here is the Review!

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One of make-up stuff gonna be reviewed today is Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation - 005 Ivory Beige as my third matte foundation that I bought about last year. To be honest, I only have three foundations and they are all are matte. Wait, do I left in 2016 where it had a matte make-up trend? Lol. Actually, I only wear foundation to bolden my look when I go out to a wedding party, other kinds of events, and wear it just at home for the rest. Then, I thought that I need a foundation that has full coverage, long-lasting, waterproof, and not oxidize to be used daily. Daily? Yes, do not you know how do I crave for a full coverage one to cover up my acne scars. So, when I walk to Guardian I found Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation - 005 Ivory Beige with its claim said lasts up to 24 hours. Does it really work?

24h Made to Stay Make Up is my first foundation from Catrice. Catrice is a cosmetical brand from Germany that carries premium quality at affordable prices. Besides, their products are also keeping up with the latest trend. You can see them up to date colors, innovative texture, and quality packaging. The most important thing is, Catrice does not deal with animal-testing, even their suppliers have to show their written statement that their products are produced without going through animal-testing.

Back to its claim that is said long-lasting up to 24 hours, does it really work? Well, you can read my experience review during wearing this foundation in point G. Lemme review the packaging first. 


As we see in the picture below, Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation - 005 Ivory Beige is packaged in a glass bottle with a pump applicator to make it easier for us to measure how much the foundation comes out. Tho its packaging is made of glass, I can say that it is quite sturdy, not fragile, since I used to drop it on the floor while I was going to grab it. The bottle was just fine, not broken.

On the front pack, we can see the claim, its volume (30 ml), and Catrice as its brand is written on the left side. Meanwhile, on the back, there is written further explanation about the claim, its ingredients, and how to use it. Its shade and its advantage are printed on the top of its cap.

I am okay with this packaging so far since it is simple, not heavy, and so much handy.


The Texture

This foundation has a thick texture yet still easy to blend. Unfortunately, its formula clogged in my fine lines while I swatched it onto my hand. It is okay but my skin looked just dry. Its finish is a bit powdery both in hand and in the face.

The Scent

It smells like wood or wood fiber I am not sure but yeah that it is.


As the name suggests, Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation has the ability to stay lasts up to 24 hours,  has a perfect coverage, mattifying, not oxidize, and waterproof.



E.       HOW TO USE

Foundation is used in a clean face. Use it all over the face by patting it gently.

[Warning] Only for external use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue using this foundation if there is an irritation sign or red spots appear on the skin.


So lately I have been wearing this Catrice foundation, the one that said it able to stay lasts up to 24 hours, only for 6 hours. During those 6 hours, my face was exposed to ablution water, heat, wind, yet my face was just fine, the foundation did not fade. If this one said it does not oxidize, but actually it is kinda bit oxidized in my face. Since it is claimed lasts up to 24 hours, I wonder what it is gonna be if I wear it for 24 hours, too. Probably, or for sure, I am going to skip my skincare night routine for the sake of the proof. And I wish this foundation really keeps their claims so I can count on it on the next occasions. Lemme try!


First, I am gonna tell you about my skin tone. My skin tone is actually warm, tanned, or in Indonesia, it is called sawo matang. Since I routinely using skincare, my face looks brighter tho I never use any brightening product except to fade my acne scars. So I think 005 Ivory Beige shade gonna fit to my skin tone right now. Well, that is a kind of random fact hahaha but yeah that it is. Second, because I have a few dark circles and I am not accustomed to wearing those colorful concealers, so it looks greyish while using this shade. Third, I really want to prove that this foundation is walking its talk: lasts up to 24 hours, not oxidize, mattifying, full coverage, and waterproof. No, you do not have to follow me because I am worried your skin gonna be broken out or something.

Okay, I usually use only 1 pump foundation as below.

This is my current skin condition. There are hormonal acne, acne scars, and pockmarked. Once it covered with this foundation, my flaw is not totally covered. Well, you can see it below. Do I need more foundation pumped to cover my flaws perfectly? Or what does “perfect coverage” really mean?

my right cheek

my left cheek

There are acne scars, acne, and some old pockmarked. I think this foundation only disguises the flaw, not covered them fully.

So do my left cheek, there is also an active pimple. The foundie could not cover it well. This is how my left cheek looks like.

More zoom out? Okay, see the pic below. This is how I look with Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation at 12 pm (10/20/2020). You still can see my black spots and my large pores. Well, I do not wear any powder after applying foundie, anyway.

Overall, it has a matte finish with sheer coverage. A bit powdery yet not that powdery as I thought, slightly glowy, and not cakey. It looks very natural on my face, it does not look like I am wearing a mask right? Lol. By this sheer coverage, I think it still okay to use in daily but... I am looking for full coverage. L

Now, let us see how the foundation looks on my face as time goes by. My activity is (((only))) write articles on the laptop, walking from my bedroom to the bathroom, and go back sit down in front of my laptop. While testing this foundation, I took 3 photos during the afternoon, evening, and tomorrow morning.


The use of Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation - 005 Ivory Beige

Update 10/20/2020 at 4:54 pm

Now, look at my face closer. This is how my large pores are nicely disguised by the foundation. It is still good for 5 hours application. The pimple around my nose cannot be really hidden since it is textured. Meanwhile, my acne scars spotted around eyebrows, right cheek, and left cheek can be seen clearly even since its very first 1 pump-swatched.

The use of 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation - 005 Ivory Beige

Update 20/10/2020 at 8:35 pm

Eeek! Large pores are shamelessly posted, lol. Well, you can see that the foundation is about to fade. Whereas, I did not do any heavy activity such as doing something under the sun that caused me to sweat a lot. I only washed my face then pat it out with a towel before sleep since I was gonna skip my night skincare routine, huhu. Other than large pores, my redness pimple and acne scars clearly visible on my face reveal. Yet my face was still smooth like the way the foundation has just applied. 

The use of Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation - 005 Ivory Beige

Update 21/10/2020 at 10:29 am

Last update! This is how I look the next day at 10:29 am. You know I was going to wear this foundation for 24 hours but I think I have to end it up by now because.. it is already faded off. I am not going to go to events with this pale look, right? Let us check. My large pores more, acne scars, and black spots are more clearly visible. My skin texture is already rough.

H.     PRICE

You can own it by only purchase it for under Rp 150.000. I bought this foundation in Guardian Paragon Mall Semarang.


Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation is made for you who need a very natural matte finish look.


So I have been wearing Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up foundation for 22 hours, you know I skipped my night skincare routine. Tho its claim said that it lasts up to 24 hours, I could not extend it up to 24 hours because... the foundation was already faded and gone when it came to 9 hours long. It only stayed for 9 hours probably the way I put the foundation on my face but well, that is my taste of using foundies. I cannot stand myself confidently by swatching them too thick. Or maybe, if I am okay with the bolder look – 3 pumps of foundation, for example, the long-lasting and perfect coverage effect as its claim will be proven. But, using only 1 pump is still okay for hours long. Now I am gonna match the claims to its result according to my own experience of using it. Please kindly remember that I used only 1 pump.

Claim 1: Last up to 24h

No. I think it only stays effectively for 2-6 hours. By effective, I mean I get a natural bold look, sheer coverage that disguised my large pores, and… yeah, nice to see my face on camera.

Claim 2: Perfect coverage

No. It does not serve a perfect coverage since the coverage is sheer, not full. Wait, what does “perfect” mean, Catrice? We cannot directly define “perfect” as “full”, right?

Claim 3: Mattifying

Yes. It is mattifying for hours, the foundation seems blended into my skin. It helps my skin bold in the natural version.

Claim 3: Waterproof

Yes. For 5-6 hours.


So, this is the pros and cons of Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up in brief.


+ Easy to blend

+ Does not serve cakey result

+ Not that powdery

+ Bolden my skin naturally

+ The more I wear, the more it blends into the skin. It does not serve really-matte anymore, but just like skin. A bit glossy, yet I love it.

Waterproof, for 5-6 hours.


- Does not serve full coverage since my pimple, scars, and black spots are still clearly visible.

- A bit oxidized.

It only stayed lasts up to 5-6 hours long for only 1 pump foundie.


I have to say that the matte finish has given really looks good on my skin. Yet, one thing that really missed out is, it does not serve a full coverage. Btw, I wanna hear some reviews about Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up Foundation from you guys if their claims are apparently working on you. Let me know the tips! ❣️