[ENG] September Empties! Face Care, Mouth Care, Hair Care, & Body Care

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So finally, I have finished 7 products of personal care last month. It was great and also a nightmare at the same time. It was great, for having them till empty. I mean, I could successfully hold my commitment not to waste something since I used to find my skincare products ended up in a trash can because it was already expired. In another hand, my heart hurts for seeing them empty if I have not repurchased them yet ahahaha.

These 7 products contain face care, mouth care, hair care, and body care.  Let us discuss them in further.


1. Safi – Age Defy Gold Essence Water

The bottle you see in the picture is my third empties. You know that I often mention Safi essence since it worked safely on my acne skin. By safe, I mean, it did not give any negative effect on my skin and did not role as a cause when pimples appear. The main role of this essence is to prevent and to repair premature aging skin, like my skin years ago. During using Safi – Age Defy Gold Essence Water, my wrinkles on the forehead are slowly gone and there are no more wrinkle comes after that. Gold extract and silk protein, as the main ingredients of this product, work for preventing fine lines, and keep my skin supple.

2. Hada Labo – Soft Peeling AHA + BHA Face Wash

I am so interested in any product, especially face care and body care, that contains AHA & BHA. Why? Because I find a spirit behind the ingredients that cause my skin goes younger and younger every day hahaha. Do AHA & BHA ingredients in face wash are really working? According to an article that I have read, AHA & BHA in face wash does not really give a strong effect on our skin. You know how long it usually stays on our skin? Less than a minute, right? It would be different if we put toner or serum that stays overnight so we can see the result in the morning or a few months later if we using it regularly. So is it ok to put other exfoliating products such as toner and serum after foaming with this product? Yap, it is ok. But do not forget to apply something hydrating to your face such as hydrating toner or essence to keep your face supple.

3. Nameera – Pure Radiant Glow Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30 PA++

Its creamy formula is really blendable on my dry skin. Moreover, it has a glowy finish so my large pores could be well disguised. Nameera – Pure Radiant Glow Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30 PA++ provides a white effect on my skin but it does not go too far from my original skin tone. The SPF-ed day cream is still a day cream, which is a moisturizer, so we still need to apply sunscreen after that.




4. Total Care – Mouthwash Sensitive Teeth with Daun Sirih and Tea Tree Oil

There is a condition that I still need a mouth wash product to use to freshen my mouth. I.e, I accidentally buy a not-so-cooling toothpaste that turns my mouth so uncomfortable. Total Care – Mouthwash Sensitive Teeth with Daun Sirih and Tea Tree Oil contains Daun Sirih (betel leaf) to protect our teeth from aching; and Tea Tree Oil as a natural anti-bacterial. After gargling with this mouth wash, my breath is getting fresher and so do my mood. The most important thing ya have to know is, it does not contain alcohol that may cause your mouth to dry.



5. Tresemme – Scalp Care Shampoo

This shampoo overcomes dandruff and hair fall at once. While using this Scalp Care, my dandruff can be controlled and even be gone by washing my hair the right way. I think this one is a kind of anti-dandruff shampoos that provide my hair softer and lighter, with twice a week application. But if I wash my hair every day, I need a conditioner or a hair mask to keep my hair easy to organize. Does it really reduce hair fall? Yap, it really is.



6. Scarlett – Cucumber Brightening Shower Scrub

The biggest impression left on my head about this product is, how the cucumber aroma really stands out. Moreover, if you put more attention to its smell, there is also another scent that is so therapeutic. There are scrubs within its formula to help your skin softly exfoliated. What I feel after showering with this product is, my body smells so good and I got softer skin. Unfortunately, I have not got the brightening effect yet, probably I have just using one bottle. Or, I stupidly not applying body sunscreen when the sun is right on my head, huh? Scarlett – Cucumber Brightening Shower Scrub contains Glutathione and Vitamin E.

7. Palmolive – Luminous Oils Shower Gel Rejuvenating Fig Oil with White Orchid

As an anti-aging enthusiast, the word “Rejuvenating" really took my attention to bring it home haha. The scent smells so good, so therapeutic, it makes me feel like I wanna inhale forever lol. I usually use this shower gel with a shower puff to help my skin physically exfoliated. The formula is really foamy when it is poured on a shower puff. Palmolive – Luminous Oils Shower Gel contains fig oil with the white orchid that can soften your skin, relieves skin injuries and infections, makes skin healthy and radiant, brightening your skin, and roled as a natural exfoliator and anti-aging treatment.


Those are my 7 empty products of personal care last September. Do you have empties last month? Please let me know, feel free to type on the comment column.


With love,