Meet My Morning Boosters

Not a routine, I call them a booster gang.

Meet my morning boosters

I protect my morning a lot to get nothing but peaceful and happy vibes. Not gonna make it a routine since I don't want everything to be my routine, I want them to flow freely. Sometimes I need one of the boosters, sometimes I need them all.

So here are my boosters to get a peaceful morning and stay still on my energy shield:

1. Scented Diffuser

Scented Diffuser

That strong and sweet vanilla comforts my quiet morning enough. I like to randomly shift it from my bedroom to my workbench when I have to do something right away after waking up.

2. Perfume


Not only my bedroom and my workbench, I feel good when my body smells good too. This kind of combination makes my morning better.

3. Coffee


I'm trying to shift from coffee to smoothies, but that morning I just had coffee so I captured it haha. Both coffee and smoothies are good to start the day, yet my body feels better and fresher all day when I have smoothies. But I still love coffee so much.

4. Lip Cream

Lip Cream

When you look good, you feel good. When I look in the mirror seeing my fresh smile with my fav lip cream, I feel good.

5. Earbuds


It's kinda random why I put earbuds here. When I do yoga, I follow the movement and instructions from yt video, so I need them.

Thats all. Do you have any booster too to protect your mood in the morning? Feel free to let me know, sure I will read it 🥰