[ENG] Review: Flawless Matte Lip Cream by Miniso - 02 Strawberry Sorbet [Soft Pinky Nude for Daily Wear]

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Do you love to put nude color on your lips while at home? If so, so do I. I like to see myself looked lil bit gorgeous while standing in front of the mirror with my fresh-pale lips since it could brighten my whole day. Well, I found an amazing pink nude lip cream last January from Miniso, that was my very first time finding a great shade for my lips. It is called Flawless Matte Lip Cream shade 02 Strawberry Sorbet. Now let us discuss it in detail.


It is packaged in a doff semi-transparent tube with a white-colored cap, so it rises an elegant impression.

The length of the applicator is equal to its tube so it is very beneficial for us when the lip cream is running out, it will easily carry the lip cream that sticks to the tube wall.



While sniffing this lip cream, I remember the smell of strawberry-vanilla cream wafer. It is sweet and a little bit sour. It has a thick texture yet the formula is blend-able.



The swatch result: in my hand

This is how Flawless Matte Lip cream swatches in my hand. Its shade looks charmed and soft as my favorite color. Fyi, you need to wait around 6 minutes long to see and feel it dries in your hand. Once dry, the finish is pretty transfer-proof, unless you rub it on your shirt it will leave a trace.

The swatch result: in my lips

I put moisturizer on my lips before applying any lip cream since my lips are actually dry and I won’t let mine be drier by swatching it to my bare lips. It has matte-finished and it looks quite pigmented. The color itself is very pale but I don’t mind that. Surprisingly, the formula could be dry faster when it swatched on my lips rather than my hands – it took around 4 minutes. It's transfer-proof finished really makes me comfortable while drinking since it didn’t leave any stain on the glass. However, I cannot put my high expectation on it to stay still or even longer on my lips while eating. I still need to do a retouch after eating.

The swatch result: on my cheeks as blush-on

You will be happy that this lip cream could be used as blush-on as well. The orange hint of the shade urges my tanned skin looks fresher and brighter, blushy-rosy cheeks, and.. cute!



This product durability test is done when the lip cream is applied as a lip color and as blush-on.

Lip cream durability as a lip color

After sipping my coffee and eating meatball, I can see its color is fading and its stain left. If I want its color as bright as it is in the beginning, I should re-swatched it. You do not have to remove the stain on your lips first before reapplying because you still can re-apply it without any clot sticking. The formula is very light. Even its durability is good, this lip cream is easy to clean with a milk cleanser.

Lip cream durability as a blush on

Applying lip cream as blush-on is such a simplicity – we do not have to bring much stuff to use, moreover, it can be blended with our fingers. Its Strawberry Sorbet shade slowly blends in my skin tone and it helps my cheeks flushed naturally. However, the use of lip cream as blush cannot stay last on my oily and large pores' cheeks.



I got this lip cream right in the Miniso store located in Hypermart Kudus Mall Extension. It is about Rp 45,000, so affordable for students, employees, and everyone.



Since it is a drugstore product under Rp 50,000 with the swatches look explained above, this lip cream is worth to buy. You know that you can get the beautiful swatch results and I used this lip cream almost every day because of its soft shade! To be honest I do not put my high expectation at the beginning due to the color is very light and so pale. But now I am surprised that I got more than I thought! And for sure I would love to repurchase it.


+ soft light nude pinky shade

+ pigmented

+ matte finished

+ dry fast both in hands and lips


Dry lips texture can be really shown

-  It does not moisturize my lips

So have you tried this lip cream? What shade do you have and what is your impression about it? Feel free to tell me!