Let us discuss this blog!
  1. This blog is about make-up, skincare, body care, and other cares review. Besides, the writer serves her personal thought about things commonly happen to us beauty blogger or things happen on a daily basis (still related to beauty topic).
  2. This blog is bilingual, it serves you with two languages: Bahasa Indonesia and English. It meant to the information can be consumed by people over the world.
  3. The products that have been reviewed are them already used for weeks, months, and even years.
  4. The products that have been reviewed are not sponsored unless it is labeled with sponsored product
  5. A business that related to the product review, sponsored post, and other kinds of cooperation are welcome. Please kindly meet me through radianikulsum@gmail.com :)
  6. Photos on the articles are mine (writer's archive). If I use photos from others, I will put the sources on 
  7. The main ingredients discussed in the articles are based on beauty/health/pharmacy/etc. journal, e-book, and other credible sources.
  8. The make-up and skincare review is written by my own experience, you know that it is subjective. The result of the products I used on my face depends on my skin condition, hormones, and needs.
  9. This blog has been set-up by myself, little did I learn about coding. Lol.
  10. You are allowed to quote any sentence from this blog but please do not forget to put the source.
For further information, please meet me through radianikulsum@gmail.com :)