About Me

I am Dian.

I actually love to write any kind of topic, yet I think there is no special aim I got by getting here if I continuously do shit-posting lol. Finally, I got a topic that interests me the most to be learned deeper and deeper, that is a beauty topic. No, it does not mean I realize that I am beautiful and my face is just fine or has no flaw so I show up myself here giving suggestions to you guys about beauty products. That does not make sense. I have been fighting acne for years. If today I have a clear face, it does not mean tomorrow is surely the same as today or getting better. I hope so, but reality does not say so. My face might heal on tomorrow, yet break out again on the next days, heal again, hello-acnes again, heal again, and so on. From the experienced of having a fussy face, I have tried so many skincare that may affect my acne as the main problem on my face. The more I tried, the more I got finer skin and I am so surprised by this lol -- yet acne stays still. By that moment, I decided to write articles about beauty, I am gonna serve you with beauty product review and beauty discussion. For sure, the products I review are them I have used or I have been using.

Pimples are often growing on my acne-prone skin while I am on my pre-menstruation syndrome, stress, and sleeplessness. Especially if I am being lazy to clear my skin while I am on my PMS, stress, and sleeplessness. Oh, that is a jackpot! Besides having acne problems, my face has also got aging signs such as smile lines, unelastic cheek, dull skin, freckles, and wait.. why I have so many signs?? Sometimes, I got confused by my kind of skin type. My face used to be oily, so pimples easily grew on it. By getting here, I still get pimples but the skin tends to dry. From these kinds of skin concerns, I focus on anti-acne and anti-aging skincare. So that is the short story of my skin that might guide you while reading articles in this blog. If there is skincare that does not work for me, it does not mean it does not work for you too. Or, you could put my review as your reference if you have the same type of skin as me.

I often do make-up even I just stay at home, in order to spark my mood. My kind of home make-up is similar to mine when I am outside. I remember that I interested in make-up since 2014. I bought a brush set at my first baby step. After that, I tried lipstick, eyeshadow, blush-on, foundation, and finally,  I am drowned in the curiosity of make-up sea.

My skin undertone is warm so that I love orange hint in blush-on, lipstick, and lip cream because it is capable of freshener my face. Although I am so much adoring bold lip cream, I am - for sure - avoiding that kind of finish due to building my lips look older.

Moreover, I also talk about beauty on Podcast Kembang Desa (a beauty podcast) that you can stream on Google PodcastSpotifyBreakerPocket CastsRadio Public, and Overcast.

Not only skincare, but I also write about things that frequently happen in the work-field on www.pulangtenggo.blogspot.com. I am not an expert in that field, there I only say my opinion, my restless anxiety, and spell out a lot of things scream loud in my head. Enjoy!